A Travel Guide for Trump Supporters

By Abigail Potter Dear Trump supporters, We would like to extend this travel advice to you. This is your opportunity to see your future in a little place they like to call the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). Or as they call it on CNN (fake news!) – North Korea. Don’t be alarmed by … Continue reading A Travel Guide for Trump Supporters



By Peter MacDonald Protest Protesting is ineffective And you will never convince me that Activism creates change. Remain silent. It is morally wrong to Take a knee during the anthem, Raise your fist in defiance and Intentionally create discourse. Until people began to speak up The majority was the only voice Black lives matter Is … Continue reading Protest

Senior Sorrows

By Peter MacDonald Your life is a series of monotonous interrogations. Where are you going next year? What are you going to do with your life? Are you sure that’s what you want? OUAC is daunting, marks are more important than ever, and the Winter Break couldn’t come soon enough. Throughout the last month, Grade … Continue reading Senior Sorrows