October Horrors

By Celine Fu:

The Human Centipede II: (Oct 7th)

From the producers of the 100% medically accurate Human Centipede I, comes the new 100% medically
inaccurate Human Centipede II…Really…that is all I got from the trailer. If you saw the first (which in itself speaks of too much time on your hands and questionable taste in movies), then you may be motivated to see the second.

The Woman: (Oct 14th)

A normal family is turned upside down after the husband captures a savage from the wild. He decides to keep her and train her, which ultimately turns him into a demented person. This explores what could result if you happen to capture a savage one day…

Texas Killing Fields: (Oct 14th)

Inspired by the true story of two detectives, this is more of a mystery thriller than a blood thirsty horror film. Interested in something similar to the mass murders Clifford Olson committed? Then this is recommended. Also, Texas seems to be a playground for murderers. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, anyone?

The Thing: (Oct 14th)

From the producers of “the Dawn of the Dead” comes the discovery of the THING in isolated Antarctica. It kills and replicates the discovery team. Nothing is what it seems…no one is who they say they are…Nowhere else but in Antarctica could this happen (except maybe Texas)…

Paranormal Activity III: (Oct 31st)

If you saw the first and second of the series….then you’ll know why watching the third isn’t a good idea.

C.L.A.S.S.: (Oct 28th)

A university student whosigns up for criminologysoon finds out she’s in formore than she bargained for… Lesson: Don’t take criminology in university.

Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II: (oct 31st)

The killer won’t die. The point of the game: to stay alive. Everything is videotaped. A “Saw” movie where the killer actually engages in the killing. If you saw the first, then the second really is not that different (and you might as well start writing the screenplay for the third)…

Gingerclown 3D: (October)

“I am going to take your soul.”That’s all the clown said in the trailer…Not recommended for anyone terrified of clowns…Or anyone in general, really.