Out Of Contexts Oct 2011

“If you have a serious problem with your seat…and by that I DON’T mean being far away from your friend so you can’t talk to them…or…not liking sitting near the door or something.” -Ms. Hammond
“So Mr. Harriz controls his class using guilt-trips?” -Ms. Whitfield
“Rock ‘n’ roll is about sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.” -Mr. Turner
“If you don’t do your homework, it’s your choice: you’re choosing not to succeed. That being said, I will still call your parents and have a little chat with them about it.” -Ms. Hammond
“So here we have da Vinci, who was primarily interested in, um, everything.” -Mr. Meng
“The guy in the pictures is holding a hoe. H-O-E –not the hip-hop slang…” -Ms. Wick
“Mr. Ruff can go from the size of a fridge to the size of a full building. I’m sure he could kill me with one of his calves” -Ms. Whitfield
“Yo, I was at this totally sick party last night, and this girl was totally vibing me.” -Ms. Whitfield
“Who bleeping cares what your IQ is? Did I just say that out loud?” -Ms. Asselstine
“Well she should have said ‘Pretty pretty please, Master Meng’!” -Mr. Meng
“Put that phone away please… Unless you’re texting Jesus” -Ms. Hammond
“Calvinists? Lutherans? They’re all devil-worshippers as far as I’m concerned!” -Mr. Meng
“Hi. Obviously I’m not Mr. Turner. I’m Mr. Beard. I have a beard. You can make any joke you want, I’ve heard them all.” -Mr. Beard
“No muscles. Just crabs.” -Mr. Harriz
“It’s like spooning except facing up.” -Ms. Christie
“He liked to walk around Paris at night in a suit and cat ears.” -Mr. St. Aubin
“If this room was smaller, we would eat each other… If it was bigger, we would procreate.” -Mr. St. Aubin