How do you Solve a Problem Like Maria? (Or Ten Things I Love About Winter)

By Rusaba Alam:

You have three summatives due by the end of the week. You’ve been consistently late to your first period class
for the last month (“It wasn’t my fault! Honestly! The snow’s slowing the buses down!”). And to top it all off, your best friend’s missed a week of school with the flu.

An early-onset case of the midwinter blues? Well—how do you solve this problem like Maria? True, it is a little
late in the year to be thinking about raindrops and roses, but we aren’t living in The Sound of Music. We’re living at
Lisgar in the wintertime, and these are a few of my favourite things.

1. Nothing beats that half-awake moment of pulling open the curtains first thing in the morning to see the newly
fallen snow.

2. What’s not to love about winter clothes? Okay, so maybe you can’t just waltz out of the house in shorts and flipflops anymore, but before you head out on a freezing day, you’ll be glad to have your warm sweaters and
woollen socks.

3. The Sound of Music taught us to love sleigh bells, which brings us to… sleigh rides! You don’t even have to be
familiar with Senior Orchestra’s current repertoire to know that sleigh rides add a magical note to the rhythm of
a crisp winter day.

4. Speaking of Sleigh Ride, would it even be winter without the seasonal music? Love it or hate it, don’t be
surprised if you find yourself humming along to “Let it Snow” on the radio!

5. Late sunrises. What’s prettier than a December sunrise? A December sunrise that you don’t have to wake up as
early to see, obviously!

6. Hot chocolate might steal the show right now, but basically any hot drinks are heavenly this time of year.
Starbucks not up your alley? Try making yourself a cup of tea on those cozy evenings spent at home.

7. Skating on the canal—whether you’re just passing by on your way to school, or getting Beavertails with your
friends on the ice, this is one scene you’ll be sure to miss for the rest of the year.

8. The way the mall looks when it’s almost dark out. There’s just something about the way the grey stone, the
snow on the tree branches, and the streetlights all look together that makes the weather a little easier to bear.

9. That fantastic moment when your bus finally shows up after a long wait outside in the cold.

10. No matter how long the winter nights are, or how solid the ice seems, the one thing you know about winter is
that it ends eventually. Enjoy it while it lasts!