“Occupy _____________”

By Bridget Guan:
          Just like its name, Occupy _______ has just been one big fill-in-the-blank. It refuses to explain exactly what it is protesting, mainly because it isn’t really protesting anything—it’s protesting everything. “We are ________,” it says, “from _________. We are protesting ___________and our idea is __________. Here is our proof: ___________… We want the government to __________.

           As I was walking through ConfederationPark last month, where Occupy Ottawa had been protesting for a few weeks, I looked around at the signs. Some of them were about wanting the “9/11 truth.” Others were about racism, sexism, egoism, militarism, and all sorts of other evil “-isms.” What specifically does it want to prove? More importantly, what the heck does it want everybody to do about it? Like a whiny two-year-old, it’s criticizing hundreds of things that nobody can change, especially not all once. The definition of a protest is a group of people coming together with a common change in mind. Key words: common and change. Otherwise, it is a group of people coming together to do what we like to call “complaining.” What started out as an organized rally against capitalism has devolved into chaos. Really, it isn’t “Occupy Wall Street, Vancouver, Australia, Chicago, Dublin, or Ottawa.” It’s “Occupy Everybody’s Time, Space, and Energy.” I say good riddance.