Out of Contexts – Dec 2011

  • “If I was personally attacking you, you would know. I’m pretty vicious.” -Ms. Whitfield
  • “It’s almost like you’re laughing with them, except they’re not laughing.” -Ms. Whitfield
  • “I don’t want to see anyone eating even a morsel of food while the teachers are still being eaten.” -Mr. Findlater
  • “He walks like the terminator.” -Ms. Whitfield
  • “Choose wisely who you’re making out with.” -Ms. Whitfield
  • “We’ll save procrastination ’til last.” -Ms. Whitfield
  • “I’m going to represent variance by my hands moving.” -Ms. Asselstine
  • “It’s like a flash mob of terror.” –Ms. Whitfield
  • “Can you put the parabolas and stuff away? They’re making me sad.” -Mr. Meng
  • “DBQs are the cat’s meow!” -Mr. Meng
  • “Um. Don’t you just hate it when your g-string breaks?” -Mr. Meng
  • “I’ll go to therapy and be like ‘I don’t like the sun. Help me.'” -Ms. Whitfield
  • “Maybe the inside of my nose just smells like a bakery…” -Ms. Whitfield
  • “Some of you are throwing around semi-colons like confetti!” -Ms. Whitfield
  • “Well, the Air Force is pretty sexy.” -Mr. Turner
  • “I can’t tell if you’re calling someone… or shaving.” -Mr. St. Aubin
  • “Oh Romeo! Oh Juliet! Laaaame.” -Ms. Whitfield