In Celebration of the Oreo’s 100th Anniversary: The Best Way to Eat an Oreo

By Catherine Guo and Kate Marland:

If you’re anything like me, cookies are never far from your mind. Soft and chewy ones with melt-in-yourmouth-
chocolate pieces are sure to cheer up any bad day, while crunchy and colourful ones always manage to make me smile. There’s such an amazing variety out there, you’re sure to find a cookie for every occasion. But if I had to pick just one, it would have to be the Oreo.

As soon as I pick one up, the adventure begins. Feeling the comforting weight of the cookie reassures me that
the cookie that I’m about to eat is going to be as good as the very first Oreo I had. Next, I smell the cookie’s
sweet, seductive scent which conjures up happy memories, making me smile. Looking at the intricately carved
armour that protects the sweet, creamy treasure inside only increases my anticipation. Finally, it’s time to eat
the magical creation.

By now, my need to taste the Oreo is so strong, I can barely resist simply popping the darn thing in my mouth.
BUT, that action would not be worthy of the object. Instead, I have to complete this ritual fully. This, of course, is a difficult task, so here are my favourite fun and fitting ways to eat an Oreo:

Twist and Lick
Twist the outer shells of an Oreo in opposite directions, then pull them apart. Now, lick the shells in any order you want. You can have the one with more cream first, the one with more cream last, or even both at the same time!

Scoop Dogg

Try to twist off one shell of an Oreo without removing any cream. Now release your inner child, and use this shell to scoop the cream off the other one. Once you’re done, devour the rest!

Cream On

If your sweet tooth can wait, leave the cream for last. Twist the outer shells off of an Oreo, then remove all the cream. Set this aside, and eat the shells first. Now, you’re free to savour the sweet cream.

Another Oreo Bites the Dust

If you want to enjoy the cookie the quickest way possible, simply pop the entire thing into your mouth and chew. Now on to the next!

Double Decker Dessert

Twist only one shell off of an Oreo, and eat it. Now gently place what’s left on top of a new Oreo. You can enjoy your creation now, or repeat the first two steps as many times as you want before digging in. Good luck handling this one!

Cream Toss

This one’s for the experts. If you can successfully separate the cream from the cookie, flip it into the air and try to catch it in your mouth. Enjoy your delicious reward!

Dunkin’ Dessert

If you’re thirsty, pair your Oreo with milk or another drink. Dunk your treat into your drink until it reaches your desired softness. Now you’re done, enjoy!

The Broken Cookie Club

If you’re ever having a bad day, healthily release your frustration onto your Oreo. Place it on a clean table and smash it with your fist. Now eat your Oreo bit by bit.

Around the Oreo

Squish the cookie together to push some of the cream out. Now lick around the edges of the shells. Once you’re done, enjoy the rest of the cookie in any way you like.

Cookie Sharing is Caring

You don’t need to be fancy to enjoy a cookie. The best way to eat an Oreo is with friends or family. The more the merrier, so enjoy all the cookies you want, with all the people you want. No matter how you eat it, hearing the satisfying crunch of an Oreo as you taste its unique flavour and texture is only part of the overall experience. To make the most of it, I always try to share the cookie I love with the people I love; it just makes everything better. So the next time you’re craving a delicious snack, grab some Oreos to satisfy your hunger, but be sure to devour them
with some friends. Happy munching!