Movie Reviews

By Celine Fu:

Silent House (March 9th)
Supposedly based on true events…this 88-minute movie tells the story of a girl who tries to survive a creepy killer that snaps photos of his victims. What this has to do with silence, I do not know… However, it is prophesied by the trailer that SILENCE WILL KILL YOU! This is a typical horror movie featuring a lame survival
game. Watch at your own discretion.

Playback (March 9th)
Well, this is a new idea for a horror movie…Murders happened in 1994, and in 2012 a movie tape of the murder is located. People who watch it either change or die, which reminds me of the Ring. You know the weird feeling that creeps into your mind after watching the Ring— video tapes and cameras are unsafe and cursed? This movie doesn’t give you that feeling at all. FAIL.

Think Like a Man (March 9th)
The love game is on! This movie is the classic duel between men and women in their relationships— to outwit
each other in the game of love. I’d say this movie will be fun to watch with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and will teach you a little and make you laugh a little about dating.

John Carter (March 9th)
This is a Disney time travel film that combines the features of Pocahontas and Avatar. There is nothing too special or exciting in the movie, just what you would expect from a 2012 Disney film: action, graphics, and monsters. Watch this movie if you want to experience the new masterpiece of the Great Disney.

21 Jump Street (March 16th)
Starring famous hotties and comedy masters like Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, 21 Jump Street is an extremely hilarious comedy about two undercover cops who treat their jobs like high school parties. As a punishment for such behaviour, they must infiltrate high schools and stop crimes by posing as students. Drugs, booze, and everything they aren’t supposed to do as police officers, they do with gusto. To get a real feel on how hilarious it is, watch the trailer!

Reuniting the Rubins (March 16th)
What is this movie about? Family reunion disaster. Done. There’s no plot, no fun, nothing… heck, I can’t even pick out a single point to make fun of, except that it is as plain as they go, with the usual family reunion issues. However, this is only my opinion. According to sneak previews, it is a “funny, warm, touching, film”, that you can watch during family time. Thus, watch this if you want to pass a plain family day.

The Hunger Games (March 23rd)
Based on the epic novel about a dystopian Capitol that forces its subjugate districts to nominate a boy and girl to participate in a survival competition, The Hunger Games is action and romance-packed. In order to win the game of
life or death, Katniss Everdeen must make great choices and must sacrifice what she holds dear. For those of you who read the book, March 23rd will be an exciting day!

The Raid (March 23rd)
So, basically a bunch of armed soldiers enter a building and kill the people inside… and perhaps each other, too.
Watching this movie will feel like watching someone playing CS, which is a complete waste of time. FAIL.

Mirror Mirror (March 30th)
Mirror, mirror, on the wall: why do directors keep on remaking classics? This time the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs results from the problems of an aging queen who is in financial trouble. She’s a gold digger who is marrying the prince for his wealth; well, maybe the prince is a bit cute… Thus, if you love Disney remakes with small, unimpressive twists, then this one is for you.

Wrath of the Titans (March 30th)
Remember Clash of the Titans? Remember how excited you were to watch it? Remember how you expected it to be awesome? Well, this movie is the same as the last one; you’re lucky if you went into the theatre excited and didn’t come out disappointed. That being said, this movie is still action packed and has cool graphics. So adrenaline junkies and mythology profs, this is your watch.