Out Of Contexts – March 2012

“No, he’s a vegan. That’s worse than vegetarian.” -Ms. Asselstine

“What is…trolling?” -Mr. Hodgson

“Stats is very slow on the plug ‘n’ chug stuff. Wait. Let me rephrase that?” -Ms. Lee

“When someone cheats, I turn into Mr. Tang. I slap it down on the desk and say ‘What is this crap?’ Thenthere’s crying and I laugh. Then I give them paper cuts and squeeze lemon juice on them.” -Ms. Whitfield

“If any of you call me prehistoric when I’m old, I’ll hit you with my cane!” -Mr. Hodgson

“Ho ho ho. You’ll never know my middle name.” -Mr. Meng

“Sometimes, when I play hockey, I use Shakespearean insults.” -Mr. Hodgson

“A little ugly is ok… Some people are ugly.” -Ms. Van de Walle

“I loved sweet-tarts, because they’re both sweet… and tart.” -Mr. St. Aubin

“I have a giraffe that is much cuter than yours.” -Mme. Kunstmann

“Of course, back then I was a young adolescent and saw something else there…” -Mr. Meng

“Imperative sentences—they give a command. Like please pass the potatoes. Or go to hell.” -Mr. Hodgson

“I’m going to teach you how to stalk someone legally.” -Ms. Whitfield

“Text [a student who shall not be named] and tell him that if he doesn’t get to school in half an hour, Ms.
Hammond is going to hunt him down.” -Ms. Hammond

“It’s like you’re calling Scotiabank terrorists.” -Ms. McWhinnie

“You know NOTHING.” -Mme. Kunstmann

“That’s pretty darn tolerant, is it not?” -Mr. Meng

“If there wasn’t an exclamation mark there, how would Macbeth sound? Out, damn spot. Go on… Out. Out.
Go.” -Mr. Hodgson