June 2012 Satirical Edition

Table of Contents:

Discovery Channel: Lisgarite Edition-Bridget Guan
THINC-Julian Moran
The Lisgarite-Ariana Mihai
Riot Erupts in Class After Teacher Marks Question Incorrectly on Test-Roy Sengupta
Guide to the Importance of Useless Homework-Sarah Seward-Langdon
First Period Fire Drill Brings Chaos to Lisgar Collegiate-Owen Watt
Our Cellular Companions-Henry Schut
Textbooks-Nancy Guo
Revolutionizing Our Schools-Rusaba Alam
Next Dance Theme Chosen by Randomly Picking a Word from the Oxford Dictionary-Akhil Garg
Being Gifted: A Privilege-Amy Munro
The Effects of Flex Time on Students-Jillian Wakarchuk
Foolscap in All its Glory-Julia Brillinger
Intruder at Lisgar Collegiate Institute-Alex Kuhn
An Investigation on Academic Integrity-Angela Li
Missed Connections-Alex Rochon
A Lady’s Guide to the Perfect Prom Experience-Margot Whittington
How to Procrastinate Like a Pro-Alexandra Mason-Guertin
Why You Really Like 1D-Bronte McGillis

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