Out Of Contexts – June 2012

“It’s not weird if you’re Greek.” -Ms. Van de Walle
“Cougar-town wasn’t around back then.” -Mr. Meng
“The French protest EVERYTHING… I just sat at a café and watched the protests. It was very entertaining.”
-Ms. McWhinnie
“I’ve got gonads on the brain. It’s very exciting.” -Ms. Engel
“Oooh… Busted!” -Ms. Van de Walle
“This is NOT Jurassic Park!” -Mme. Kunstmann
“I will sit here and pout! Impress me.” -Mr. Hodgson
“Americans are so proud of being Canadian.” -Ms. McWhinnie
“To use a technical word. Term. Phrase. Word. Phrasee. ‘Yucky’. Never mind.” -Mr. Grose
“My bathroom is immaculate, behold my toilet!” -Mr. Hodgson
“[About Twitter] NO. In whatever context, I will in absolutely no way ever follow you.” -Ms. Whitfield
“Not every note is equal. Music isn’t socialism.” -Ms. Mennill
“It’s very important to know that he’s a pimp.” -Mme. Kunstmann
“Doesn’t anyone want to be a player?” -Ms. Wick
“Kraft Dinner and Cheetos belong to the same food group. It’s called ‘Fluorescent Orange’.” -Ms. Engel
“That’s what she said… Wait, no!” -Ms. McWhinnie