Out Of Contexts – October 2012

Out Of Contexts! “For the next test, you know what I’m going to bring? The DEATH STAR.” –Mr. Tang “You should feel ashamed for the rest of your life. At least until January.”–Ms. Mennill “Mozart is like popcorn.”–Ms. Bradley “It’s like the more pregnant I get, the less my brain works.”–Ms Hammond “Condorcet was a super … Continue reading Out Of Contexts – October 2012


How to Deal With a Zombie Invasion at Lisgar

By Rusaba Alam and Henry Schut: With Halloween now upon us, we are forced to consider the inevitability of a zombie apocalypse. The day may come when, as we innocently peruse our textbooks in the science labs, we hear the call of the undead from floors below. The day may come when hordes of ghastly, … Continue reading How to Deal With a Zombie Invasion at Lisgar

Golden Arches

By Julian M. Golden Arches Night beacon for misplaced rabble Pallid glow promising wretched delights Benevolent smile: can I help who’s next? Those Golden Arches are a bug zapper And they attract the flies Pristine inside, though Squeaky chairs, squeaky clean The fireplace, a homely touch A nice effort However: Bloated garbages, the stains It’s … Continue reading Golden Arches

REVIEW: Cruel Summer

By Tanvi S.:I’ma let you finish- but, in Kanye’s words themselves, y’all can’t spell G.O.O.D. without G-O-D, and that’s exactly what Mr. West wants his Cruel Summer compilation to be- a masterpiece. With friends like the illustrious Sean “JAY-Z” Carter (nicknamed Hov as the “Jehovah” of rap) and everyone’s favorite TWOOO CHAINZ, Yeezy surely knows how to … Continue reading REVIEW: Cruel Summer

Grade 10s of Lisgar Elect Previously-Unknown Individual As Grade Re

By Akhil G. Alexander Mann, previously unknown to Lisgar students, was elected as grade 10 rep on October 15. Though he has been a member of Student Council for the past year, Mann has a very small social circle, and he rarely attends school events. Mann printed just five 8½ x 11 black-and-white election signs … Continue reading Grade 10s of Lisgar Elect Previously-Unknown Individual As Grade Re