Grade 10s of Lisgar Elect Previously-Unknown Individual As Grade Re

By Akhil G.

Alexander Mann, previously unknown to Lisgar students, was elected as grade 10 rep on October 15. Though he has been a member of Student Council for the past year, Mann has a very small social circle, and he rarely attends school events. Mann printed just five 8½ x 11 black-and-white election signs for his campaign.

The win was hardly a surprise for the school. “Elections aren’t about popularity,” explained student Lorrie Ricca. “What really matters is how they plan on executing their promises.”

In addition to being a part of StudCo, Mann also attended a week-long mini-enrichment course on persuasion in politics. He claims it will help him avoid the fate of his predecessors, who couldn’t follow through on promises such as reopening the tunnel.

Students appreciated that Mann didn’t try to make his name rhyme with a popular culture item in his campaign. “‘Alexander, more fiery than Charmander!’ would have been a catchy slogan, but I’m sure grade 10s would have seen right through it, and they would have evaluated his merit instead,” said Ricca.

Mann didn’t wear red in the last Battle of the Grades, and his campaign picture was rather plain, with him smiling slightly in front of the OCDSB sign at the turning circle, in a black-and-white photo. Mann won in spite of these drawbacks, underlining just how much emphasis the school puts on experience when electing a candidate.

Said StudCo’s Allie Li, “We have a highly intelligent voter base which judiciously checks facts and actually changes its opinions based on new information.” She does see a drawback, though. “I heard candidates used to give out chocolates for votes. I really like chocolate.”

Mann will start working as grade rep next week.