Homework, Oh Homework

Homework, Oh Homework

By Avesta A.

How I’d wish you’d go

Can you not see you upset me so

Because of you I am unable to unwind

The stress you leave is rather unkind

There are those who have care for you

Others rush you because they have other things to do

While some stay upon hours and hours

It seems no matter what we do, you pile up like towers

And yes it is true; I have a hard time finishing you in class

It still is not right how much homework a teen has

Homework, do you have issue with sleep maybe

Because ever since you’ve come around, I haven’t seen sleep lately

I’d really don’t want to choose in-between the two of you

Can’t I have you and have sleep at the same time too

And how I’d like to talk about how much the homework has increased ridiculously

I have hours of homework I need to get started on ahead of me