My Top 5 Holiday Picks

By Tanvi S.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, I’d say it’s more than time to get your playlists ready for the holidays. Even though we’re already close to halfway through December, I know there are a couple (or a lot) of procrastinators out there who could still use a helping hand to get into the spirit, so this one’s for you!

Here’s a list of my top five favorite holiday songs by popular artists, and I’m sure they’ll make your Christmas parties a lot jollier with just a single play.

5. Santa Baby– Madonna

Oh Madonna, always making classic music a little slinky. The Queen of Pop from our parents’ generation put this track out in 1987, and to be quite frank it’s my guilty holiday pleasure.

4. Baby, It’s Cold Outside– Glee

This song has always been a Christmas staple for me, but when Glee came out with their version and spiced it up a little, I just couldn’t resist falling in love with it.


3. White Christmas – Michael Bublé

Michael covered this gorgeous track in 2003, and his suave voice makes it even better to listen to. You definitely won’t be disappointed with this one.


2. Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano

Even though this was released in 1970, this song is still a crowd pleaser. Something about Christmas with a Puerto Rican flavour is so irresistibly charming, you can’t help but singing along.

1. All I Want For Christmas Is You– Mariah Carey

This is the only original song which isn’t a cover on this playlist, and naturally it goes to RnB Queen Mariah Carey. I challenge ANYONE to listen to this and not fall in love. I know for me it was love at first hear. This is by far my favorite holiday song of all time. Period.