Out Of Contexts – April 2013

“Composite functions are like little flowers.” -- Mr. Tang “If you tell Mme Kunstmann that I speak French like this, then I will find you... probably as a ghost.” -- Mr. Tang “No YOLOs on your surveys.” -- Ms. Sheremeto “If you don’t get it, you can put your hand up, or just start sobbing … Continue reading Out Of Contexts – April 2013


Studco Monthly Report

Hello Lisgar! We hope you had a great March Break and that you are all ready for these last couple of months of school. But before we look too far forward, lets take a look back at the last two months! Way back in January we were all thinking about the exams we were going to have to face but … Continue reading Studco Monthly Report

Black History Month Highlights

By Avesta Alani Excitement, knowledge, entertainment, talent, and success, all in one month! In early February, and early March, the Lisgar Culture Club (LCC) held two events to celebrate Black History Month. The first was a presentation by a guest speaker, Jack Wamanga Wamai, who was the shadow foreign affairs minister of Uganda. LCC invited many classes down during the morning to listen … Continue reading Black History Month Highlights

Don’t Give Up Just Yet: A Message to Graduating Classes from Here Onwards to Eternity

By Henry Schut: A shocking new disease is permeating the halls of local high schools, claiming hundreds of victims as the educational year moves ever so slowly on. It’s fast-acting, incredibly contagious, and could leave you bedridden for months! The plague in question is, of course, SENIORITIS. College and university acceptances are rolling through the hallowed halls of our beloved Lisgar, and the … Continue reading Don’t Give Up Just Yet: A Message to Graduating Classes from Here Onwards to Eternity

News in Brief: School Announces Desk Contract Renewal

By Akhil Garg: Delivering a Power Point presentation to an audience of four parents and one administrator in the library, Lisgar’s Chief Negotiator Nicole Dime announced the renewal of the contract for the school’s supply of one-piece classroom desks. Individuals in attendance were given a piece of ledger-sized paper on which to take notes, though a cursory observation at the end revealed that everyone’s pages were empty. After … Continue reading News in Brief: School Announces Desk Contract Renewal

Book Report Blues

By Sydney Martin: There’s nothing like that sinking feeling you get when you find out that your latest English project is a book report. Presentation? Manageable. Written report? Fine. Creative writing? Bring it on! But then it comes to those dreaded novel questions such as “What is the theme of this novel?”, or “Draw a plot diagram.”, and suddenly there is something … Continue reading Book Report Blues