Black History Month Highlights

By Avesta Alani

Excitement, knowledge, entertainment, talent, and success, all in one month!

In early February, and early March, the Lisgar Culture Club (LCC) held two events to celebrate Black History Month. The first was a presentation by a guest speaker, Jack Wamanga Wamai, who was the shadow foreign affairs minister of Uganda. LCC invited many classes down during the morning to listen to Mr. Wamai’s experiences and stories. He took the students on an adventure around the world through his words, and was able to showcase the ways that Black History was intertwined with the rest of the world. He highlighted the rest of the world’s history as well, and the challenges other countries had gone through, thus showing how racism and pain are things that, no matter your colour, people should care about. His words were inspiring, and in the end LCC gave him a thank-you gift of a book commemorating Lisgar’s history as a school. He surprised the students and LCC by bringing a gift of his own for the school; they were beautiful ethnic paintings and sculptures that are now hung in the school library.

The second event was a more upbeat one that took place in the school cafeteria during lunch on March 1st. LCC decided to put on a talent show, showcasing acts that tied to black history. Isaiah Gimba sang two songs on his guitar and left the cafeteria stunned, while Chris LeBlanc’s raps and lyrics truly portrayed the experiences that Black History Month celebrates; he, too, had the audience up on their feet. Peter Russell and James Mcdull did an African dance, surprising and entertaining everyone there. Finally, Malak Ghanem closed the show with her beautiful voice, performing a song filled with emotion and honesty. The event was a great success, and everyone
wanted to see more in the future.

LCC tries its best to create events to try to incorporate different cultures and to educate the students of Lisgar. They try to have a mixture of more serious, formal events, and fun, upbeat events. Through their efforts, and everyone who took their time to perform or speak, Black History Month at Lisgar was a hit!