Don’t Give Up Just Yet: A Message to Graduating Classes from Here Onwards to Eternity

By Henry Schut:

A shocking new disease is permeating the halls of local high schools, claiming hundreds of victims as the educational year moves ever so slowly on. It’s fast-acting, incredibly contagious, and could leave you bedridden for months! The plague in question is, of course, SENIORITIS.

College and university acceptances are rolling through the hallowed halls of our beloved Lisgar, and the scent of spring is in the air. But guess what? There’s still a lot more work to be done before we can start signing yearbooks and packing our belongings for the big move. Messrs. Meng and Tang have tests to be completed, Ms. Mennill has rehearsals to be attended, and there are tons upon tons of cafeteria food to be consumed.

Of course it’s tempting, once you reach a certain stage of post-secondary admitted- ness, to abandon all books and texts to further advance your personal extracurriculars, but this is a very bad idea! You’ve come this far maintaining your healthy school/work/life balance, even if you have forgotten how you possibly could have done it, so what’s another couple of months, in the long run? Deciding on a future plan is definitely a monumental step forward in your life, whether it be to continue your education or enter the employment field, but decisions shouldn’t make any difference to your work ethic (l’esprit du travail, in French). Higher marks mean bigger scholarships (Did you see those students from Lisgar? They got free money. Free. Money.), and keeping up our studying habits definitely pays off later on, with many more late nights still to come.

Go on, then! Crack open those textbooks, answer all those bio questions, and don’t forget to bring your clarinet home because there’s a scales test on Friday.

Common Symptoms of Senioritis Include…

• Undeserved carefree attitude
• Priority given to Madden NFL
‘13 over homework
• Frequent lates (often attibuted
to “bus problems”)