Out Of Contexts – April 2013

“Composite functions are like little flowers.” — Mr. Tang
“If you tell Mme Kunstmann that I speak French like this, then I
will find you… probably as a ghost.” — Mr. Tang
“No YOLOs on your surveys.” — Ms. Sheremeto
“If you don’t get it, you can put your hand up, or just start
sobbing really loudly.” — Mr. Kronberg
“You shouldn’t judge people. And you certainly shouldn’t judge
people and then blog about it.” — Ms. Engel
“The awkwardness of the situation really spoke to me.”
— Mr. Meng
“In Winterpeg, there was 8 feet of snow.” — Mr. Lee
“No, you won’t get harmed if you are exposed to radio waves,
unless it’s Majic 100.” — Mr. Wright
“You know you’re getting old when buying a new washing
maching is your idea of fun.” — Ms. Mennill
“Let’s sing Happy Birthday to David Bowie in Spanish!”
— Ms. Szeles
“Sugar is a sweet example of a molecular compound
dissolving in water. Now tweet that sweet action!” — Ms. Engel