Studco Monthly Report

Hello Lisgar!

We hope you had a great March Break and that you are all ready for these last couple of months of school. But before we look too far forward, lets take a look back at the last two months! Way back in January we were all thinking about the exams we were going to have to face but in the week leading up to those tests, we were all able to sit back and enjoy an incredible Relaxation Week. With hot beverages in the morning, story time in the auditorium (read by Cwenga with his soothing voice), and the luxury of being allowed to wear pajamas all week long, we were able to enter exams with a calm, cool, and collected attitude.

Before we knew it, exams were done and we were able to look forward to Valentine’s Day. Romance was in the air as roses were sold in the main hall and excitement for the Midnight in Paris Dance began to build. We sold a record breaking number of roses and the dance was fun for all!

Moving into April we got the lovely opportunity to hear back from you guys, as our grade nine and ten representatives handed out their first ever surveys! 137 grade nines and tens filled out surveys ranging from the literacy test to future events. This year’s top 3 events for grade 9s are the Pancake Breakfast, Leadership Camp,
and the Spectacular, while dodgeball and 30-Hour Famine were picked by Grade 9s as their top two new events.

Most grade 10s said they’d prefer a new event that’s free with the option of paying for a prize, and slightly more grade 10s said they’d prefer a new event just involving grade 10s than an event involving the whole school with
a difference of only 3.3%. Interestingly, 92% of grade 10s said they’d have no difficulty with the Literacy test, and when asked if they feel safe at Lisgar 62.6% said “Yes”, 34.3% said sometimes, and 2.9% said no. Full survey results can be found on Facebook.

Although anticipation for the March Break was in everyone’s mind, the last week of school was anything but dull because that week was the Battle of the Grades! In the days leading up to Friday, we all got to unleash our school spirit with Spirit Days like Canines vs. Felines, Twin Day, Granny and Gramps, and Throwback Thursdays. And on the fateful Friday, grades dressed up in their colours to play an epic four-way game of dodgeball! Although the week was lots of fun, it was also charitable as we held a Penny Drive for CHEO. In the end, the grade twelves came out on
top and won a dollar off of the next dance! If you want to stay clued in to what’s going on here at Stud Co, Like and Follow us on Facebook, or, if you want to give us your feedback, email us