Surviving Senioritis

By Rusaba Alam:

With just twelve weeks left until prom and commencement, there’s no mistaking the
sluggishness taking hold in grade 12 classrooms—senioritis is setting in. Whether you’re
fighting hard to keep up your work habits or giving in to the temptation of a relaxing last few
months, it’s time to make the most of your remaining time at Lisgar.
In honour of the last twelve weeks of twelfth grade, here are twelve things to keep you going
until June–

1. Enjoy the spring weather
The days are getting longer, the canal’s all thawed out, and it’s finally time to ditch that
winter jacket (well, no promises on that last one). When the telltale symptoms of senioritis
hit, take advantage of the beautiful weather by studying outside or going for a walk.

2. Take part in school events
If you’re falling victim to senioritis anyway, you might as well do something worthwhile
with your time. Come out for the last dance of the school year, enjoy multicultural cuisine
and a talent show at the International Gala, or grab some friends and make up a
team for trivia night. Who knows when you’ll get the chance again?

3. Make time to read something new
If you’ve been busy working hard to keep those grade 12 marks up, you may have discovered,
like our editors here at the Lisgarwrite, that making time to read for fun is getting
harder and harder. An attack of senioritis provides the perfect opportunity to pick up a
new novel and actually finish it. Looking for reading suggestions? You’ll find great book
reviews in this issue and in past Lisgarwrite issues as well.

4. Catch up on much-needed sleep(!!)
Whether you’re in class, by the airport chairs, or at an early-morning rehearsal or sports
practice, you’re sure to find a group of grade 12 students rubbing the sleep out of their
eyes. This should go without saying, but an extra hour of rest never hurts (just remember
to be up in time for first period!)

5. Learn how to cook
Especially if you’re moving out this year, but even if you’re not, there’s no time like the present for
making sure you can feed yourself without burning down the kitchen. Check out a student cookbook
from your local library or look on the internet for fast and inexpensive recipes. Or, if you’re like

6. Beat second semester stress with a late night baking session
Or two, or three, or twenty. Why limit yourself? Consider making yourself a self-congratulatory
cake every now and then— you’ll kill an hour or two and you’ll have cake, so you can’t lose.

7. Brush up on your writing skills
No matter where you’re headed after Lisgar, you’ll always appreciate having the ability to communicate
your ideas effectively. If, like many Lisgarites, you’re tired of the infamous 5-paragraph essay,
change things up and try your hand at a short story, a poem, or maybe even an article for the next
issue of the Lisgarwrite.

8. Prioritize
Chances are, at least one of your teachers has already assigned part or all of your summative for
the course. Anticipate the post-midterm slowdown and get as much work out of the way as you
can right now—you’ll end up with so much more free time when May rolls around.

9. Volunteer—get your hours completed by the end of the year!
Even if you’re already finished with your 40 hours, if you don’t know what to do with your time, you
might as well give some of it away and help out your community while you’re at it. Listen for announcements
in the morning to learn about clubs looking for volunteers, or check out the volunteer
bulletin board on the second floor.

10. Record some memories
Find a camera or a cell phone (or a friend with either) and snap some photos to help you remember
your last few months of high school. While you’re at it, don’t forget to send some photos from the
last four years along to the prom committee for their end-of-year slideshow.

11. Reflect
Senioritis might have you feeling disillusioned with school and your achievements, as it has for graduating
classes since the beginning of time. Fight the feeling by reflecting on your time at Lisgar—
make a list of new skills and achievements that you’re proud of. Come back to this list whenever
school starts to stress you out.

12. Look ahead
Looking back is important, but with the end of your high school career so close, it might be more fun
to speculate about life after Lisgar. Thinking about the future makes for a great diversion whether
you’re making Serious Plans or just daydreaming about getting out of high school. Before you know
it, it’ll be June and you’ll be walking across that stage in your blue gown at last.