Stud Co Monthly Report: June 2013

Hello Lisgar!!!

It’s finally June! For some June marks the start of sweet summer freedom, but for others it means the end of an even sweeter Lisgar journey. The last few months of the school year have been as exciting as all the rest. With brand new Co-Presidents and a brand new Executive Council we end this year off hoping that you’ll all leave with each of your own special Lisgar memories.

Firstly, we’d like to congratulate Paul Seufert, who was elected to be your Student Senator for the 2013-2014 school year. This year the election came a bit earlier at the end of March, and voting was only open to Grade 11s due to a change in the school board deadline. Despite this, Paul will be representing all Lisgar students at the school board, so feel free to talk to Paul if you have any questions or concerns you want him to take up for next year.

Congratulations are also in order for our new Co-Presidents: Bill Lin and Nat Wong!  After the April 12th election, Bill and Nat collected applications for next year’s Student Council Exec and conducted interviews. The final list of Student Council Executive members for the 2013-2014 school year was posted in May. If you have an interest in volunteering with one of our many committees or events next year, check out our general meetings!

As your Student Council Co-Heads next year, Bill and Nat will definitely work their hardest to make your Lisgar experience the best it can be. If you have any questions for Nat or Bill or even suggestions for next year, feel free to talk to them.

April was brought to a close with the Beach Ball dance, the final dance of the year. Thanks to everyone who either bought tickets and came out or who helped set up and clean up- you all helped make it awesome!

The Cake Auction for the Humane Society was just as awesome and it brought this year for Stud Co to apurrrfect close! The auction of over 18 animal themed cake raised a total of $367.60! Much thanks goes out to all who volunteered their time to bake- you made it a great success!

And lastly a great big THANK YOU to everyone else! Whether you set up a table for club’s day, stood in line for a dance ticket or exercised your democratic right to vote by marking an “X” on an election ballot, the year wouldn’t be the success it was without your incredible support. Things got off to a rocky start this year, but together, we pressed through it. That same persevering spirit keeps us optimistic and hopeful for the future. Remember that no one person and no one group can ever succeed in nourishing a flame. A flame needs for all of us to carry, nurture and cherish it.

So go ahead. Alere Flammam. Nourish the flame. Forever.
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