A Contemplation

By Luka Stojanovic: On University: I have reached that point in my life where every second question I hear is, “What are you doing after high school?” That question daunted me for quite a long time, but more recently I answer these questions with a confident demeanor by saying, “I am going to university to … Continue reading A Contemplation

Increase Your Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique

By Tristan Montoya: We live in an age of multitasking. It's not uncommon for high school students to find themselves watching TV, texting, and using Facebook or Twitter – all while supposedly studying for tomorrow's test. While most of us are able to divide our attention between multiple activities (such as chewing gum while walking), … Continue reading Increase Your Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique

La Nuit Blanche

By Miriam Ahmad-Gawel Though it was a windy, rainy, and chilly night in Ottawa on September 21st, pockets of the city and Gatineau were lit up bright and lively for the celebration of Ottawa-Gatineau’s second Nuit Blanche. Inspired by similar festivals in other cities, Ottawa’s La Nuit Blanche brings together local and national artists along … Continue reading La Nuit Blanche