Health Tips from Live It Up!

– Making your own lunch for school can be incredibly time consuming and dull, especially when you end up with yet another cheese sandwich. However, lunch is an important meal, so you should be sure to include a variety of food groups. Keeping in mind that you usually have less than twenty minutes to make lunch, here are two easy, innovative recipes to consider.

Firstly, the roast beef pita pocket: simply spread out some mayonnaise on a thin pita pocket and fill it with cole slaw, swiss cheese and a slice of roast beef. This delicious, flavourful lunch covers four food groups. Secondly, chips and dip: try an assortment of Mexican delights!

You would be surprised how easy filling a bag with flaxseed tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream dip is. Healthy lunches not only benefit you physically, but help you maintain a better mood throughout your day.

– Exercise: a foreign term to some, a familiar one to others.  A common misconception about exercising is that it has to be done rigorously, relentlessly, routinely. In actuality, exercise can be as simple as a walk home from school, a weekend hiking trip with your family, or a day of skiing with your friends before the snow melts away. Start thinking of exercise as a source of enjoyment instead of an obligation, and the benefits to your physical and mental health will be countless.

– Feeling stressed out? With many looming commitments such as AP exams, Kiwanis, and university decisions, it’s tempting to cut back on sleep, exercise, and relaxation to save time. But, while taking care of your commitments, don’t forget to also take care of yourself! Maintaining regular sleep and exercise greatly reduces stress levels, so make the investment and watch your productivity levels soar.

Finding support in stressful situations can seem daunting to a stressed mind. That’s why it’s really important to be aware of potential solutions before problems occur. There are friends, family, teachers, and counselors that you can always go to if you are ever in a position where you’re confused or unsure about what to do. Additionally, there are many organizations to help you such as Kids Help Phone and the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa. No matter what, there is always  someone to talk to!