The Outdoor Adventure Club

By Devon Jiang

Hiking, skiing, canoeing, and biking – the possibilities for adventure are endless no matter the season. Founded this year by three of Lisgar’s Grade 12 students, the Outdoor Adventure Club is probably one of the most exciting (and spontaneous) clubs that Lisgar has to offer. Members can simply throw in an idea for a camp or activity and the club will help them plan the whole thing.

So far this year, the club has seen a fair share of ideas for awesome outdoor fun. The first idea of the year was a very special and unique trip called the Pocket Camp. The goal of the trip was to be able to survive one night in the vast Canadian wilderness carrying only equipment that could be fit into your pockets. This would include anything from granola bars to cans of soup, from water bottles to matches, and from emergency blankets to headlamps. And with these bare essentials, a brave team of intrepid explorers could set out to confront the elements…

The second idea was an overnight cross-country ski trip up in Cantley, Quebec. Unlike the pocket camp, we planned slightly more civilized accommodations: a comfortable, albeit slightly strange, cabin to stay in for the night. With a midnight ski, a delicious spaghetti dinner, and riotous games of Pictionary all in the offing, it promised to be the perfect way to enjoy the snow and outdoors.

The third plan was the simplest and somehow the most elegant: a day hike out in Gatineau Park, hiking along the Wolf Trail and basking in the spectacular views of the Ottawa Valley, as well as partaking in some good-old bushwhacking through metre-deep snow.


If you have an adventuring dream, but aren’t quite the experienced camper, come to the Outdoor Adventure Club to make it a reality!