How to Draw A Circle

By Amos Marsters


Welcome Drawing can be hard, strenuous, and frustrating, especially when drawing circles. This self-help guide will help you learn how to properly draw a circle. An artist has to go through rigorous obstacles before making the perfect geometrical circle, the first being mindset.


1.      As an artist, you must know you are an artist. Get it in your brain, and remember why you went to school. How you got there? Was it the bus, or did you walk? How were your professors? Did you like them, or did you despise them? Getting in the right frame of mind is imperative to the success of the art of drawing a circle.


2.      Be yourself. Every artist must be themselves. Being who you really are inside is what counts and makes you feel better about what you want to do. Throughout my life, I have experimented with different personas, and the best mask I ever put on was my own. Do not let others bully you, telling you who to be and how to draw your circle.


3.      Know that what you’re doing is right. Understand that drawing a circle is the best thing you can do and that doing it will not only make your life better, but everyone’s around you as well.


4.      Get your materials. You must find a nice spot. Be somewhere where your mindset can settle and be welcomed. You need to focus: you should not be able to get distracted by anyone or anything, especially bad thoughts. Often, I find myself drawing circle in abandoned buildings, specifically apartments at night, where no one can bother me.


5.      Have fun. Try experimental foods to get your head in the right place to draw your circle. Using these extra tools will make for a personalized experience and an extraordinary circle. I recommend Captain Crunch or Lucky Charms. Obviously the consumption of copious amounts of experimental foods and treats adds to the theme and tone of how your circle will be construed. Many simply adhere to bland and corrupted means of drawing a circle.


6.      You are almost there. You must understand that you can do this, but before embarking on your heroic quests and slaying the hypothetical hydra guardian holding your salvation and peace, ask your friends if they will accept you after you draw a circle. Ask your parents and family members because if they don’t want to accept you after your transformation and controversial circle drawing then it just isn’t for you.


7.      This is the end. If you can make it to this point and are still enthusiastic, then drawing a circle is not for you. But if you are discouraged, then you are ready. First purchase the Draw Circle Headband Kit and place it on your head. Once you have acquired and mounted this on your noggin, place the pencil in the head band and violently thrust the pencil around the page of paper.