How to Survive Lisgar Winters

By Lauren Halasz


After four years at Lisgar, I know how cold the winters can get. Sure, in other schools, students can expect warm classrooms even on the coldest days, but at Lisgar we face winter like true Canadians, experiencing the chill both outdoors and indoors. Have you ever been unable to take notes because your hands were frozen blocks of ice? Shivered in class? Well then, this is the guide for surviving those freezing classroom temperatures.


Start with conserving the heat you already have by dressing for the weather; layers are key. Onesies are ideal as a first layer, but if you don’t have one, a base of long underwear and a few long sleeved shirts are good ways to start. After that, pack on everything you’ve got. Sweaters, vests, parka – at least twelve layers should help ward off some of that cold. If you have thermal clothing, like heated underwear, make sure to bring that as well to make yourself extra cozy.


After you’ve suited yourself up, take a few extra steps to ensure your warmth. Hot drinks work very well for both your body and mind. A cup of hot cocoa can make you think of a crackling fireplace, and you’ll be so busy thinking about that heat that you’ll forget you were ever cold. You can even save money on store-bought drinks by bringing your own kettle to school and boiling water during class. This way you’ll have a constant source of tea and you can even let the steam rise directly into your face while you’re taking down those algebra notes.

On especially cold days, remember – BYOB. Blankets, of course. Cuddling up in a thick, warm blanket will keep your limbs heated and mobile enough to continue writing or typing away. Plus, you will have a protective shield around you so no one would be able to come close enough to copy your work. Bonus points if your blankets have cute designs on them, like stars or butterflies.


If all these methods are still not enough, get creative with your tactics. Portable space heaters, hot plates, really the possibilities are endless. You could even start class by building an igloo around your desk to stay in for the rest of the period. And in that igloo, you could even consider starting a fire to warm those frostbitten hands. Use your notes as kindling, pencils as fire starters, and eventually your whole desk will catch on fire! There’s nothing more rewarding than learning that algebra over the open flames.

So Lisgarites, now you’re well equipped for surviving Lisgar’s next winter in style. That is, as long as you stay cool enough to survive the current summer heat wave. In any case, we can be certain that as students we are tough enough to face any kind of weather with a few tips.