Spirit Weak

By Miasya Bulger

From the perspective of a freshman:

Events and spirit weeks aren’t very spirited anymore. First, there was the low-key Welcome Wagon week, then  the dance was cancelled. What’s next for Lisgar students?

This year, the #TBT dance was cancelled and lots of school events have been total flops. Lisgarites, why is this happening? And no, it’s not the fault of the 2000s kids. It’s because not enough people are coming to these amazing events.

Even GLEBE has better turnouts at their school functions, ouch. The truth is, too many of us are at the ‘Needs Improvement’ level in the progress report of school spirit, and we need to fix this, now!

As you know, the main school events are hosted by Student Council, but it seems like club events are doing a lot better this year. The problem here is that StudCo isn’t promoting their events enough, while major clubs like Live It Up, ICC, and Key Club are getting all the hype.

However, we can’t just place the blame on StudCo’s advertising. Over half the students at Lisgar don’t even know or care about what’s going on. Not to chirp at you, but every student has the responsibility to at least know about upcoming events.

Being informed is actually easier than grade 10 Civics and Careers. All you need to do is listen to the morning announcements and look at the hundreds of posters plastered all over the walls! You’ll learn all sorts of information you need to be an active student, from receiving inspirational quotes from the Cookie Monster to knowing about the cool lunchtime events that everyone’s invited to.

Let’s face it, half the school year is over and if this lack of participation continues, the rest of the year will be extremely boring for everyone. Eventually, this could lead to a lot of events being cancelled and school becoming not be as enjoyable anymore. There will be less funding for our school functions and clubs, and the Great Depression of 2015 might just begin.

With this being said, you don’t need to give Lisgar the same dedication you have for your Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. You just need to realize that if you’re not participating, you’re missing out on a great time. Seriously. Turn up. Do it!