Humans of Lisgar

by Benjamin Fudali

A quarter of the school year has already elapsed and students of all grades have finally settled in and gotten comfortable with their daily routines. This begs the question, just how lively is life at Lisgar? With numerous clubs, sports and school events in full swing, this edition of the Lisgawrite takes a look at what’s been going on in the eyes of three active members of the Lisgar community.

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Left: Amar Jasarbasic; Middle: Kathleen O’Keeffe; Right: Tejsi Spirollari

Amar Jasarbasic is the Head and Founder of Lisgar’s only engineering club (the IEEE) and is a proud representative of the Lisgar Improv Team. He is 17 years old and is especially proficient and interested in the world of business and programming. Amar knows how to program in 12 languages and enjoys participating in stock market simulation challenges. When asked about the school atmosphere and spirit so far, Amar emphasized that Lisgar is good at maintaining a positive and welcoming feeling all year long. He alleges that this is all due to the optimistic and friendly students of Lisgar.

“I think the school has genuinely good people working to build school spirit”.

Amar is very excited about the months to come. He looks forward to representing his school on the Improv Team and organizing fun and helpful events with IEEE. Additionally, Amar is delighted to share that Lisgar’s Engineering Club will be involved in a big robotics convention at Carleton University soon. As an organizer, Amar fully appreciates and enjoys all of Lisgar’s events and firmly believes that they help make all the students “feel united, deep down”.

Kathleen O’Keeffe is also a very busy senior student at Lisgar Collegiate. She is in grade 11 and is the Head of Best Buddies, a student leader in Lisgar’s Link Crew and a member of Jewish Culture Club. Kathleen also plays in the Lisgar Senior Orchestra, is an enthusiastic Outdoor Ed student and is an avid frequenter to Lisgar Night Events. She stressed that she highly recommends all of the activities, clubs and classes the she’s in as a way of “enhancing your high school experience”. Kathleen loves Lisgar precisely because of the number of extracurricular opportunities it has to offer. Her favourite course and activity is arguably Link Crew.

“Link is great! It’s a great opportunity to meet a lot of great people: grade nines and seniors. It’s a good leadership opportunity and I’m learning a lot of life skills that I use outside of school too. I highly recommend it.”

Link hosts, assists and organizes numerous events throughout the school year primarily for the newly arrived grade 9 students. Kathleen initially joined Link Crew because of her grade 9 experience with her link leaders. It made a profound difference for Kathleen and her classmates and, in fact, got her in the habit of joining clubs and trying out new things.

In terms of the future, Kathleen is thrilled for the Lisgar Music trip to France during the March Break. She practices the violin at least twice a week at school and regularly at home to keep her skills on point. School life is never a bore for busy Kathleen.

Trejsi Spirollari is an athletic and academic grade 10 Lisgarite. She feels that she has an excellent perspective of Lisgar as a junior student. Trejsi is a devoted member of Key Club as well as an important player in Lisgar’s Junior Girls volleyball team. Trejsi is a dedicated and successful student in all her classes and appreciates and values the school’s committed teachers who always generously give their time to helping students who seek clarifications and advice. Lately, Trejsi has been particularly occupied with the demanding volleyball season.

“It’s competitive. We’ve been winning for the last two games and everyone is participating and communicating really well.  Oh, and the coaches are awesome too.”

Trejsi links her team’s spectacular performance so far to the practices that take place behind the scenes. She shared that, in fact, she trains for volleyball games three times a week with her lineup and coaches. Trejsi eagerly looks forward to the next games this season and it’s safe to say that the rest of Lisgar wishes them good luck as well.

Additionally, Trejsi is overjoyed with the prospect of being able to do a foreign exchange later this year. Yet again, she expressed her gratitude to Lisgar’s teachers for having suggested and coordinated this “opportunity of a lifetime”. Trejsi looks forward to studying in Florence, Italy, and exploring all the culture the romantic medieval town has to offer.