Spaghetti Dinner & Trivia Night

By Amy Zhang

Spaghetti Dinner, also known as Trivia Night, took place in the Lisgar Cafeteria on Friday, the 20th of November. The money raised went to the KEY “Eliminate” project, fighting child tetanus. The event had everybody on the edge of their seats – literally! The entire cafeteria was packed with students, teachers, and other members of the Lisgar community. From the second you stepped into the hallway right at 6:30, in hopes of a short line to the door, you could clearly tell that the school had been waiting for this event – you could hardly see the entrance through the crowd! It also happened to be the same day the report cards were sent home, so it was an excellent place to celebrate your success with friends (or to avoid the inevitable).

For weeks, this event was hyped up, from posters on the walls featuring the Lady and the Tramp, to KEY Club and Reach members selling you tickets in surprisingly violent ways. The advertising must have paid off, because the event was incredible. For starters, like the name suggests, there was delicious spaghetti. The student volunteers did a phenomenal job managing to feed the hungry mouths of the 200+ people in the sold-out event. There were baked goods galore, filling the bellies of excited trivia connoisseurs.

The crown jewel is always the extremely competitive trivia competition. Around 35 teams were formed, made up of 3-4 people. Not only limited to Lisgar, there were dozens of Colonel By, Merivale, Bell students and even an assortment of adults. Trivia categories ranged from knowledge of Ottawa, to movies and TV, to music. Despite the inferiority that you felt every time you looked up and saw that the winning team had gotten every single question right, it was all very lively fun.

Finally, and most importantly, it was one of those events where a giant portion of the school came to have fun. From teachers to ninth graders, the cafeteria was packed with all sorts of people. As a ninth grader, this was the first event I have attended at Lisgar, and it was extremely spirited. It was one of those things that makes you stop for a moment and really appreciate your community.

All in all, Spaghetti Dinner was really fun. If you didn’t come out this year, I really encourage you to come to February’s repeat event.