Three Cheers for Blanket Scarves!

By Margot Ghersin – Editor

Fashion trends come and go constantly, and it takes a keen and astute eye to keep up on the latest style. Throughout the years, Lisgar Collegiate’s halls have seen punk-rock leather skirts, frilly jackets, bell-bottom pants and everything in between (thank goodness those last ones are gone!) However, a recent trend has emerged that is sweeping the nation and we hope it’ll never fade away: the ever-cozy blanket scarf.

Essentially, what makes blanket scarves different than your regular neck-warmer is that they are a very much oversized square scarf, with comfy and soft fabric – perfect for cuddling. Coming in various textures and patterns, the most popular are plaid, striped and checkered. Probably one of their best features are their versatility; blanket scarves can be worn in multiple styles, including the poncho, the cardigan, and the classic infinity scarf.

Coupling the aesthetic benefits of these marvellous creations are their practicality. Not only are they a safeguard to the harsh Canadian winter, but they are also a godsend in the classroom – especially the freezing fourth floor labs. They can be rested on like a pillow, used to cover your head so the teacher doesn’t catch you sleeping, and even offered to someone when they are cold so you make a new friend. Whenever someone arrives wearing a blanket scarf, all can’t help but look upon them with yearning and maybe even a hint of jealousy.

The truth of the matter is that teenagers these days are becoming more and more tired. The majority of us sleep after midnight, and it is catching up to us. The blanket scarf is a clever, fashionable and much-appreciated way for us to rest during a stressful day. The praise that this new accessory is receiving from students is a subtle hint that youngsters will take any opportunity to relax and be comfortable while trudging through the woes of life.

This brings us to a proposition: why not reinstate naptime in high schools? Most students are completely in support of this idea – even ten short minutes a day with some shut-eye would be extremely beneficial to all. It wouldn’t take away from the learning time and would leave students more energized and happy during the school day. If not possible, then why not install a mandatory blanket scarf into the school uniform? Relaxation beds in the hallways? There are no counter-arguments to warmth and fuzziness.
Ultimately, the blanket scarf is a trend that is going strong and surely will continue to do so in the future, but it is important to look beyond the fashion trend and attack the root of the issue: kids just want more comfort in their lives! It was expressed perfectly when one student even proclaimed, “Can I bring my duvet to school and call it a blanket scarf?”