Why We Need More Caf Announcements

By Miasya Bulger

Lisgar cookies, oh Lisgar cookies… why art thou so tasty… Wait, what? Is that seriously caf food?

It’s almost 2016 – that means you and your friends will probably be making some New Year’s resolutions. Maybe some of you want to ace AP Calc, eat healthier, or actually get sleep on weeknights. Those are all great ideas, but I have a more realistic goal… Eat more caf food!

This may come as an absolute surprise. For ages, even the mere mention of the cafeteria food brought some to shudder, scowl, and even shed a tear. No one dared venture there – minus the occasional delicious Jamaican Patty-seeker. The Lisgarwrite is proud to announce that there have been some major upgrades to the cafeteria food. New daily specials, more fresh food options, and fully cooked Lisgar caf cookies have all landed in our long-outstretched arms!

Now, you may be wondering why the caf is worth it, when delicious food from City Hall is just down the street. Besides actually having to walk outside in the freezing cold to get to City Hall, there are more reasons why you should go visit Claudia next lunch. Not only are the prices incredibly low, but you get great value for your money.

As you walk into the caf (after waiting in line for a while – it’s popular!), you are greeted with an array of fresh vegetables and salads. Aromas of sauce and paninis fill the air – once you get to the cash, the ever-smiling Claudia doesn’t disappoint with tempting iced chocolate brownies. There is absolutely no need to leave the building – the giant caf cookies are actually cooked, and as student Leo Ma adds, “It’s so good – the giant cookies are actually round now.” Everyone always leaves the caf feeling excited to eat their meal.

Lisgar caf food is so great that it’s impossible to complain about. I honestly challenge you to find me someone who hates the entire menu. I dare you. The students interviewed only had shining reviews for the revised menu. Student Calan Gerritsen Hill said, “The food is so much better, OMG!”, while Michelle Mozenson exclaimed, “THE FOOD IS A BLESSING FROM GOD!”

In fact, the cafeteria is so popular that some students have opted to put money onto a “caf dollars” card that can be swiped when purchasing a meal. Students like Margot Ghersin, one of our editors, who say things like “Caf food is life… This is my fourteenth lunch straight from the caf!” will likely find this system all too convenient!

So, if you haven’t yet, try to forget your lunch one day. Trust me, you won’t regret it. The $5 daily specials is often some kind of burrito or pasta, or the ever-popular crispy chicken wrap. Poutine is listed at $3.25, and the improved Lisgar-famous cookies cost only $2. There’s even blue juice for $2 – whatever that is! The menu also includes Halal and breakfast options, making it both inclusive and accessible for ⅔ of your daily meals!

What are you waiting for? Go say hello to Claudia and grab yourself something to eat!