12th Grade Student Shocked to Receive Decent Sleep

By Tegwyn Hughes - Editor Reporters crowded outside of 121 Meadowland Drive this morning as Molly King emerged from the front door in her PJs and slippers, a look of awe on her face. Molly's mother had called the press half an hour earlier to report that her daughter, a grade 12 student at Lisgar … Continue reading 12th Grade Student Shocked to Receive Decent Sleep


How to Flush a Toilet

By Peter Kim One day, a student eats corn-and-beans-in-a-beeef-burrito-with-extra-cheese for lunch. During his third period English class, his stomach starts acting strangely; the classroom, sometimes silent, hears the sound of his grumbling stomach; the abdominal pain, so unbearable, surges and takes over his thoughts. He raises his hand and goes into the hall. His mind … Continue reading How to Flush a Toilet