Out of Contexts – June 2016

“I don’t care if you lie, I care about your Spanish. Lie if you want.” – Sra. Franklin

“In bibliographies, URLs are Utterly Ridiculously Loserish.” – Mr. Meng

“Did Plato invent Play-Dough? I don’t know. Probably not.” – Mr. Meng

“Can you imagine if squirrels went to school? [pause] I think about that a lot.” – Mr. Tang

“Back in Shakespeare’s day, women were in the kitchen having babies.” – Ms. Perry

“Today for marks, tomorrow for Lenin.” – Mr. Arrigo

“Humans are just slightly clever bags of salty water.” – Dr. Magwood

“[Student’s name], if you email your essay to me, I’m gonna crack open a beer and literally start partying.” – Mr. Meng

“That’s how we can eliminate the Kardashians all at once.” – Ms. Stauch

“Were there dead people in the wall?” – Ms. Anas

“If I was splitting hairs, there would be bunny blood all over the classroom.” – Mr. Arrigo