Students Battle Exam Blues with PJ Week

By Cathy Jing

On Monday, Lisgar students recently created a new phenomenon to relax their nerves before exam week.

Lisgar Collegiate Institute’s Council of Students club created Pyjama Week for its students to destress for their high school exams. To reach their nirvana, students must wear pyjamas to school the five days before exams.

“I feel calm and relaxed because of PJ week. All of my fears of being a disappointment to my family, of failing high school, of not getting into a good university are suddenly all gone! What is this sorcery?” a student exclaimed.

Since this groundbreaking discovery, studies were conducted to explore the scientific reasoning behind this phenomenon.

We asked Dr. Steven Elacksray, a psychology professor with tenure at the University of Toronto, to explain it for us.

“It’s really simple. The typical designs on pyjamas, like stars, cartoon animals, and plaid, enhance your tranquility when you wear or look at them. When you look at them, your brain releases a neurotransmitter that causes The Hypnosis Effect. The Hypnosis Effect relaxes your brain, muscles and nerves as if you were in a trance.

“Not many people know this, but pyjamas are made of a special synthetic material. Wearing the plush material on your skin allows your skin to breathe, releasing any stress hormones from your body.”

The student who created PJ week was extremely surprised at the results. “We had a PJ Day, like, two weeks ago, so why not do it again?”

The student’s peers are now calling it the PJ Phenomenon.

“No wonder I feel at peace when I sleep. It’s because of the PJs! When I sleep, I am relaxed and I don’t stress at all. How did I not realize this before?”

“Who knew fashion, or the lack of it, could be so helpful towards my academic success?” another said.

“I am so gonna ace the exam!!! I’m so calm and stress-free. Who needs studying anyway?

“I was so tired from school the other day, so I decided to sleep when I got home because I already had my PJs on. I slept ’til 9am the next day and this was the fourth day in a row! I haven’t even started cramming yet.”

Although the phenomenon was implemented on Monday the 20th, other schools in Ottawa have already adopted PJ Week. They love it as well.

Good luck to everyone with their exams! Even if they don’t need it because of PJ week. ♦