The Senior Scoop: When do I Pack?

By Tegwyn Hughes – Editor

Many grade 12 students are excited to move into a dorm room this fall, as they take their first steps into adulthood and go to college or university. Many of them may also be wondering – when should I start packing for university? Is it too early? What do I need to bring?

Fear not, fellow student, for we at Lisgar have calculated the perfect time to start preparing for your move to university. Sadly, the ideal time to begin was actually three weeks ago, but we are confident that this guide will get you university-ready by September 1st, despite the late start!

1: Pack Your Clothes Ahead of Time

The worst possible scenario would be arriving at university, unpacking, and discovering you left your favourite sweater in the wash at home! To avoid this, disaster, pack up your clothes in boxes at least three months before leaving home. Choose your ugliest outfit, and wear it every day until you move; that way, you don’t risk leaving a valuable item of clothing behind, and you can look your best at your new university!

2: Head to Staples ASAP

Preparedness is key when it comes to making your freshman year of university a success. On the first day of your summer vacation, throw out your backpack, pencil case, notebooks and binders, and go buy new ones. Even if you don’t know what your fall classes will require yet, it’s better to overshop. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up needing to use that $100 scientific calculator for your Italian 101 lecture!

3: Stock up Your Mini-Fridge

Assuming you already have the mini-fridge for your dorm room, which your really should, it;s time to fill it with all your favourite snacks ahead of time! This will ensure that your roomie loves you on move-in day. And as long as you the fridge with preservative-rich food, like Twinkies, chocolate bars and ice cream, it should all still be edible by the time you’re ready to eat it with your new roommate/BFF.

4: Throw the First Party of the Year

Get out the board games and the root beer, and make a Facebook event for the party of the year! Everyone remembers the first dorm party of their university life, so why not claim that coveted spot ahead of time? Stalk the [Your University Here] Class of 2020 Facebook page, and invite literally every person you see to your bash. News will spread over the summer, and by the time school starts, everybody at your new school will know who yo are, and, most importantly, will be ready to party!

With these four tasks out of the way, you’ll be able to relax over your summer break in your one ugly outfit, sipping flat soda from your mini-fridge, checking off the guest list for your dorm party with a brand-new pen, and watching smugly as your classmates scramble at the last minute to get ready for university. ♦