Out of Contexts – December 2016

“She now knows the Wonderpets. We sing all the songs.”    – Ms. Asselstine

“This inverse quadratic function reminds me of a yoga move!”    – Ms. Asselstine

“Sure we can go to Venus, just wait until I get my Magic School Bus licence!” – Dr. Magwood

“The Phoenicians: the FedEx of the ancient world.”     – Mr. Ford

“Heat death of the universe? Not my problem.”     – Dr. Magwood

“My students call this caveman math. ‘Urgh, urgh, cancel, cancel.’” – Ms. Asselstine

“The structure of the Earth is analogous to an egg. Except, it’s REALLY large, like we’re talking galactic mega-chickens here”     – Dr. Magwood

“Catullus was like the Taylor Swift of Ancient Rome”.     – Mr. Ford

“Do that roll again, this time with some butter.”    – Mr. Arrigo

“You are a valite. You go and break ranks and throw stones and javelins and then die swiftly”.     – Mr. Ford

“Who takes the temperature of their sandwich?”    – Ms. Asselstine