Out of Contexts – April 2017

“Mushroom sex happens in the dark when I’m not watching.” – Mr. Wright

“Let me make this clear: I don’t have to love you.” – Mr. Tang

“Would they have to be delicious berries to avoid cannibalism?” – Mr. McCabe

“Hush, or the squirrel gets it.” – Ms. Grant

“It’s not always, like, Towering Infernal Incinerator of Doom.” – Mr. Wright

*rips a length of tape in half* “Look! It’s binary fission!” – Mr. Wright

“I’m gonna make my nose run to communicate with you.” – Ms. Hurst

“Your immune system is basically a bunch of dumb cells.” – Mr. Wright

“I’m not really too starchy. I’m like three potatoes worth.” – Mr. Wright

“They just aren’t as attracted to Carbon as much. Carbon’s no FON.” – Mr. Wright

“Are any of you lizard people? No? … Okay, do any of you know lizard people?” – Ms. Hurst

“I think that would be my approach, if I were a lizard.” – Ms. Hurst

“It wasn’t just psychos who were doing this. It was psychos with degrees.” – Ms. Hurst

“We’ve covered a lot of stuff today. Poop, salamanders … we’ve been all over the place.” – Ms. Hurst

“I can’t wait to date you, then die.” – Mr. Hodgson

“Stool is another word for poop! Because Ms. Hurst always talks about that, apparently.” – Ms. Hurst

*interrupting* “You can’t say stella without saying ‘STELLAAAAA!’ … Yeah. Streetcar Named Desire … Sorry, go on.” – Mr. McCabe

“I dunno. Doctor Who might have been to Mesopotamia.” – Mr. McCabe

“Better heptane than hepatitis.” – Mr. Wright

“We have a new addition to the class… no, I’m not pregnant. It’s a basket.” – Ms. Hurst

“She’s whiny as hell, but she’s fine. My patience levels are just gone.” – Ms. Hammond

“Don’t bring up Trump! He may have taken over the world, but he hasn’t taken taken over this classroom.” – Ms. Hurst

“If your cat’s just died and you’re going to its funeral, you should tell me if you’re going to miss class.” – Ms. Hurst

“Who watches The Bachelor? Not Ms. Hurst…” – Ms. Hurst

“Smizing? Tyra Banks? No? I guess that reference has passed.” – Ms. Hurst

“Yes, you may go to the bathroom. Don’t forget to log this in your learning log.” – Mr. McCabe

“And this is some rat that’s being, like, crucified, or something, which she’s about to explain.” – Ms. Hammond

“Most worm sex happens at night, when I’m not looking.” – Mr. Wright

“Don’t worry, it’s not part of my nefarious deeds to learn all your Netflix passwords.” – Mr. Saman