A Not-So-Satirical StudCo Rant From Your Co-Editor

By Miasya Bulger

This past year, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a part of Lisgar’s Student Council as part of the Day Events committee.

Throughout the year, I was able to work alongside other enthusiastic and driven Lisgar students to plan events and activities for the rest of the student body. For over a thousand individuals, we initiated a completely new awareness campaign against various forms of discrimination and injustices, like indigenous rights, poverty in Ottawa, islamophobia, LGBTQ+ rights and gender diversity. We organized the winter spectacular, a talent show to feature the abilities of our students. We helped execute Lisgar’s Second Annual Black History Month assembly. We put every detail together for the end of the year show, coming up on June 19.

Don’t forget that as part of Studco, you’re also expected to give your time towards supporting the initiatives of others. Whether it’s Fear Factor, Halloween Spirit Week, United Way Pancake Breakfast, Battle of the Grades, Oscars, BBQ days, Ice cream days, or one of the many other Studco led events, you are there lending a hand.

Of course, it was such a wonderful experience to be able to advocate for various causes my peers and I are passionate about. I loved sending out dozens of emails a day, coordinating bookings with teachers, begging AVA for assistance, missing class to plan events, and giving up tons of my free time for the benefit of the student body.

That’s all great, but my favourite part is definitely sacrificing the other clubs that I love, my grades, and a little bit of my sanity to plan events that I feel like students don’t really appreciate. I love to walk down the halls and hear students tell their friends about how boring the assembly was. I love how after weeks of careful planning, the only positive feedback I get is the feedback of my supervising teachers.

If you were me, wouldn’t that make you feel amazing?

I started to resent being part of Student Council. After the first event that we hosted, the fresh enthusiasm and motivation that I had towards sparking positive change began to deplete. However, I still had hope that I would be able to impact the life of at least one person, so I continued to give 100% to every one of our projects. But I just kept receiving complaints. As we neared the end of the year, I realized that I couldn’t take the negativity anymore. As I tried to raise school spirit in others, mine had dwindled.

Next year, I’m going to refocus my time on gaining back some of the things I neglected this year because of Studco. After this experience, part of me wants to isolate myself completely from Student Council. But I know that I won’t. I’m still going participate in Studco events, and I’m still going to tell every single member of the council that I appreciate all their hard work. I want to do this partially because I know what’s it’s like to be in that position, but mostly because I’m afraid that if I don’t, nobody else will.

I’ve met the members of next year’s Studco, and they’re all amazing students that I know will dedicate every single part of themselves towards improving the experiences of other Lisgar students and improving the lives of others in the community. They’re going to try to make next year fantastic for you, and they’re going to continue on to be influential leaders in our community, but that’s only if you’ll let them.

Please, take advantage of every event that Studco hosts. If you didn’t enjoy something, provide constructive feedback directly and you’ll see that the people on Studco will do everything they can to improve. Finally, if something brightened up your day, say thank you, because everyone gets discouraged too, and those words really make a difference. ​♦