Fidget Spinners: A New Age of Efficient Multi-Taskers?

By Shirley Zhu

In the past few months, productivity rates among young adults have reached levels twenty times higher than those in the 1950s. What’s responsible? The latest craze called fidget spinners. Marketed as spinning toys designed to help people who struggle with focusing and fidgeting, these spinners have now exceeded target groups and are taking the world by storm.

Similar to a futuristic stress ball, the fidget spinner provides many health benefits. The repeated flicking motions that are necessary to spin the spokes of the toy provide a sense of comfort and peace in stressful situations. The repetitive, mundane actions also improve concentration. Students who use fidget spinners regularly while completing tasks reportedly finish them with greater efficiency and accuracy. People who spin for a minimum of twelve hours a day also have greater multitasking abilities. They are capable of simultaneously doing five different tasks with a high degree of accuracy!

Not only does this new trend boost health, it also improves social skills and interactions. Fidget spinners create a common ground where millennials can meet others with common interests and more easily befriend and connect with others. Furthermore, these toys can come in numerous different forms, colours and materials and are capable of tricks that when perfected and shown off, can boost self-confidence.

The phenomenon of the fidget spinner, while welcomed by younger generations, is frowned upon by many school officials. The toys are even banned in some schools in America and Asia! Although the gadgets are labelled as distractions, students say that the spinners’ tangible benefits and have helped them find health and happiness. One teacher even marveled, “with their fidget spinners, my normally rowdy class becomes very quiet and well-behaved. It’s as if their inner child is being satisfied in a productive way!”

Suffice it to say the time of bottle flipping has come and gone and fidget spinners have quickly become the newest fad. These small devices have conquered the younger generation and left the world spinning in its wake; a future without them is unimaginable. After all, bottle-flipping was always half-empty anyway. ​♦