By Peter MacDonald Protest Protesting is ineffective And you will never convince me that Activism creates change. Remain silent. It is morally wrong to Take a knee during the anthem, Raise your fist in defiance and Intentionally create discourse. Until people began to speak up The majority was the only voice Black lives matter Is … Continue reading Protest


Modelling: A Science In Itself

By Tara Orange Although one can only dream of having the lavish life of the rising supermodels of today, it is a wonder how these jetsetting teenage millionaires cope with all the fame. New York Fashion Week is amongst the biggest events of the Fall season, which starts a whirlwind of makeup and hairspray and … Continue reading Modelling: A Science In Itself

Why I Code

By Charles Zhang People often ask me why I like to code. The answer is complicated, but I would tell them that coding is an art through which I can represent who I am. Through code, I can contribute to others and make people’s lives better. Through code, I can see the world. First of … Continue reading Why I Code