Ask Aliaa: Lisgar’s Adice Guru

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Where all your questions are answered by yours truly, Aliaa Mohamed

Q: What should I do if I feel like my teacher doesn’t like me?

Well, I’m just going to be blunt here. It doesn’t matter if your teacher likes you or not because you’re only spending a semester with them. You’re only there to learn a lesson and then you’re out. Don’t overtly go out of your way to please them; just do your homework, get your assignments in on time and study for the tests. What matters here is that you get a good mark and that has nothing to do with the teacher’s attitude toward you.

Q: I have terrible social anxiety, but I want to ask my crush out. What do I do?

I understand the struggles of social anxiety; I always find it hard to talk to people, and I’m constantly critiquing every single thing I’ve said in a conversation. Like, really Aliaa, you said that?! But the key is to not be so hard on yourself. Again, I know it’s easier said than done, but you should take things step by step. So, if you want to ask your crush out, try first by saying “hi” to them or asking them if they did the homework or any random school related question. I find that complaining about something is the best way to bond with someone, so you should try complaining about homework or something that you both have in common. It takes time, but after a while, you’ll find that you’ve racked up considerable amounts of conversation with your crush and that will make you more comfortable asking them out.

Q: Who am I if all I’ve done is study?

You are someone who cares about their future. Studying is just a means to an end; it merely gets you to where you want to be. If you’re anything like me, you study to get good marks in order to get into a good university and fund your studies through scholarships. This does not mean that your whole life revolves around studying. I honestly think that once you graduate high school, you’ll start to piece together who you are because you’ll be doing or studying something that interests you.

Q: I want a girlfriend, but there are only three gay girls at Lisgar. What do I do?

There’s no easy way to say this, but you’re just going to have to date outside of Lisgar. Try dating people at other high schools, so that they still have the same school schedule as you, meaning they finish school at 3. That way, you can meet up after school and hang out.

Q: I need to get into University, but I’m struggling; what could I do to boost my average?

First of all, you’re already on your path to higher marks because you’ve realized that you have a problem with specific subjects, which is excellent! Now comes the hard part, which is making a conscious effort to change that. Have you considered finding a tutor to help with the courses you struggle with? Also, I think going to your teacher and asking for help is a great initiative on your part. Trust me, if you commit to seeking out help to better your marks, your average will be boosted in no time. Also, don’t take courses that aren’t needed for your major, because they might drop your average and they aren’t even necessary.

Q: How do I battle racism?

I think you can start by speaking up. I know it’s easier said than done but you have to make a conscious effort to stand up and say, “that’s not ok, you can’t say that.” Never let it debilitate you. Never give up on something because someone told you-you’re not the right skin colour. I can’t stress this enough. Too many people have given up on their dreams because of others’ racism. You can rise above these things and become whatever you want.

Say whatever you think needs to be said, don’t be shy and don’t care if people think of you as the girl who always brings up race. Because if you don’t say something, people will carry on using a specific slur word or thinking a certain way. Not only that, but speaking up instills this value within you; that you will not be silent to prejudice, even if it’s from your boss or your best friend. But you have to understand that it’s not an overnight thing, so in the meantime, don’t let it stop you. Respond to racist comments or racist slurs and keep aspiring to do great things. Because that’s the only way we can break the stereotype.  ♦