Modelling: A Science In Itself

By Tara Orange

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Although one can only dream of having the lavish life of the rising supermodels of today, it is a wonder how these jetsetting teenage millionaires cope with all the fame.

New York Fashion Week is amongst the biggest events of the Fall season, which starts a whirlwind of makeup and hairspray and matching silk with satin. However, this event doesn’t only take place on the Upper East Side; once the first week is done, models of all backgrounds fly to London, Paris and Milan to strut their stuff on the runway, savouring champagne and caviar while they’re at it.

This year’s rising star in the fashion industry was Kaia Gerber, daughter of the one and only Cindy Crawford; one of the originals from the 90’s. At just sixteen, Kaia has walked for Moschino, Prada, Alexander Wang, among many others.

But it isn’t all fun and games when representing a fashion empire; there is a whole science behind staying perfectly in balance on the runway and pulling the signature Zoolander pout. Models have to deal with a regimented diet and a gruelling fitness routine, only to slip into an expensive dress and walk in front of hundreds of ecstatic photographers. Yet these girls earn thousands for just walking a few feet and smiling at the camera.

The creations of these fine designers are, as always, show stopping. This year, Moschino yet again surprised the audience by dressing the models as… flower bouquets? Strange as it may seem, the brand managed to turn the wrapping paper from a regular bouquet into a beautiful sheer skirt and boots, adding the flowers so that they sat on the model’s body perfectly, As ever the posh designers who presented at this year’s Fashion Week showed that anything can be fashionable if they say it is. ♦