Out of Contexts: Fall 2017

“You guys need a hug and a kick in the butt at the same time.” – Mr. Middleton

“What’s a thesis? Ask me that and I’ll break your femur.” – Mr. Hodgson

“How do you deal ethics? In a back alley?” – Mr. Meng

“Be the ham.” – Mr. Arrigo

“Billy Shakespeare was actually an economist.” – Mr. Middleton

“If your chicken knows there’s an atomic bomb coming, then they probably launched it. And your chickens didn’t freak out or anything, so I commend you on being the chicken.” – Ms. McCoy

“Dude, you’re, like, totally voted off the island!” – Mr. Harriz

“I married his sister – I mean my sister- maybe his sister, who knows, and shacked up with her.” – Mr. Hodgson

“Let’s forget about French and party!” – Mr. Boucher

“That’s like… ten degrees of incest.” – Mr. McDonald

“Mess up that spontaneous bubble flingage.” – Mr. Wright

“This is a class about fetishes, orgies, all of that.” – Mr. McCabe

“To control the world I need to control proteins.” – Ms. Engel