The Story of a Dragon

By Rodaina Ibrahim

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It was a sunny summer morning. Parvus the dragon woke up from a beautiful dream about gold, adventures and home. A small smile crept on his face when he felt cold metal beneath his tiny claws. Under him was his single treasure: a golden coin.

Feeling satisfied that it was still there, he flapped his red wings in the air, admiring their glorious beauty in the sunlight, when an object loomed above him, blocking the sunlight. In a flash, he looked up to realize it was a human hand. They wanted to take his coin away from him! His claws found the edge of the coin, grabbed onto them, and he took off. After some time, the weight of the coin started pulling him down. To prevent himself from falling or dropping the coin, he landed on a nearby table behind a reading lamp. Now, Parvus was able to get a better look at who the human was. He had never seen them before but judging by the long hair and facial features, it was a female human. A female human who was going to take his coin again!

He took off once more and flew as hard as he could. The coin started pulling him down again but he couldn’t afford to stop. Suddenly, the coin fell from his grasp, making its rapid descent to the floor. Having realized he’d dropped his coin, he dove after it in the hopes that he might catch it before it hit the ground.

Suddenly, Parvus fell, head first, on to something that was perfectly soft. He looked up and found the female’s face looking at him with curiosity. He noticed that the coin was in her other hand. It was lost forever. Parvus hid his face in his paws to hide the small tears that were rolling down his face.

“Father!” she shouted. “ I found Parvus! He was hiding in the kitchen all along!” Parvus raised his head to see a male human rush into the room they were in. “Good job, Sandra. Now, we must put him in the dragon den like the rest. Did you find a coin near him?” the male human asked the female one. “Yes.” “Please give it to him. It is his only treasure and he values it dearly.”

The female human put the coin in the hand that held Parvus. Delighted to have his coin back, Parvus held on to it, scared it might disappear before his very eyes. Carried away by the human, Parvus slowly drifted off into a peaceful sleep, dreaming of adventures, gold and food.  ♦