What Happened To Our School Spirit?

By Sam Yee

There’s no doubt that Lisgar’s most successful event of the year is Battle of the Grades. By most successful, I mean that this event has the most student participation than any other event at Lisgar. While the event means to pit each grade against each other, it actually brings students from different friend groups together to share the one thing they all have in common: school spirit.

So why is it that every spirit week other than BOTG seems to go unheard of?

After the subpar turnouts at the Halloween spirit weeks of years past, the Holiday spirit week last year, and the “Welcome Wagon” spirit week earlier this year, Student Council discussed if it was really worth running all these spirit weeks.

So why is it that students don’t participate in spirit weeks? Here are a few reasons I hear:

1) The advertisements don’t reach everyone. Students who subscribe to the

Lisgar Stud Co social media are typically more informed about spirit weeks than those who do not. However, even if students are subscribed and active on social media, it’s not guaranteed that they’ll always see the ads. And what about students who don’t have social media? Well, there are usually posters around the school but they tend to go unnoticed if a student is just trying to rush through the crowded halls to get from one class to another.

2) “Huh, spirit week?” This may seem absolutely ridiculous, but the concept of a spirit week is genuinely foreign to many students, especially grade nines who may have never experienced spirit weeks in elementary school.

3)  “The theme is too hard/stupid/I don’t have anything for that theme.” Dressing up isn’t for everyone, and many people won’t go out of their way to buy or make something just for the sake of school spirit.

4)  “I have better things to do at lunch than to participate in the activities.” Lisgar suffers from activity overload, meaning that we have so many lunchtime events and clubs happening all at once. It’s impossible to commit to an entire week of spirit activities if there are so many other things happening.

5)  There’s not enough motivation to participate. One reason why so many students participate in Battle of the Grades is because people are motivated by competition. If there’s nothing to “win” at the end, what’s the point of doing it?

6)  If people don’t want to participate, you can’t make them. There’s always going to be students who just don’t want to participate, and no one is entitled to force them to.

Reasons like #6 are inevitable, but there are things that Student Council aims to change. Ian Richardson, this year’s Co-Pres, says StudCo is planning “fewer spirit weeks, more spirit days. We plan on having most of our spirit events one day at a time and more spread out throughout the year.”

Hopefully, this plan will result in bigger turnouts at Stud Co’s spirit events. All we need to do is make sure that as many people as possible know when they’re happening.

So what can you do to help boost school spirit?

Stay informed about what’s going on at school and talk, talk, talk! Everyone is welcome to attend Student Council meetings on Tuesdays at lunch in room 204, where we discuss all upcoming Stud Co events. You can always follow Lisgar Stud Co on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. But most importantly, we need you to spread the word about what happens around Lisgar. People are more inclined to participate in school events if they know that their friends are going to be there!

I leave you with one request: please participate in spirit events if you can. They’re a lot more fun when more people show up and I guarantee that you will enjoy at least a few of them.  ♦