Out of Contexts: December 2017

Don't say sig figs in this room or else I'll crack that other window and throw you out! Unless you're talking about figs...like the ones from Greece...but not the Turkish ones, we don't like those. - Ms. Anas “We're going to explode that scuba diver! He was invading my country, so it's good for him” … Continue reading Out of Contexts: December 2017


Horoscopes: December 2017

By the All-Seeing Miasya Bulger Aries: March 21 - April 19 You’re starting to realize that you didn’t buy enough school supplies to last you the year, but don’t fret! Successfully identify the mesentery on your next frog dissection and a free pair of bright neon scissors will come your way. Make sure that over … Continue reading Horoscopes: December 2017

Senior Sorrows

By Peter MacDonald Your life is a series of monotonous interrogations. Where are you going next year? What are you going to do with your life? Are you sure that’s what you want? OUAC is daunting, marks are more important than ever, and the Winter Break couldn’t come soon enough. Throughout the last month, Grade … Continue reading Senior Sorrows