Out of Contexts: December 2017

Don’t say sig figs in this room or else I’ll crack that other window and throw you out! Unless you’re talking about figs…like the ones from Greece…but not the Turkish ones, we don’t like those. – Ms. Anas

“We’re going to explode that scuba diver! He was invading my country, so it’s good for him” – Mr. Harriz

“It won’t save your soul, but it might save your mark.” – Mr. Hodgson

“I apologize to any hicks in here if I’m dismissing your perspective.” – Mr. Middleton

“They think they’re gangsters… but… they go to Lisgar! Like, come on guys!” – Mr. Mysak

“Please return the ghetto protractors! I know you all want them, but I kind of need them.” – Ms. Anas

“Be like Pokemon! EVOLVE my dear!” – Mr. Harriz

“When you get to the end of a report and you think, “yaaas, PREACH!” you should take a step back and think again.” – Mr. Middleton

“Sin and cos are like twins, and tan is like the younger one you tell is adopted…at least that’s what I told my younger brother and he still questions it.” – Ms. Anas

“All you’re here to do is pass on your genes – everything else is just sugar on top” – Ms. Engel

“Chris Rock for President.” – Mr. Middleton

“That was lit.” – Mr. Arrigo