Featured Poem: April 2018

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

I write to you on behalf of those who are waiting for powerful leaders to hear their cries under corrupted authority. I write on behalf of the most courageous individuals I know. I write on behalf of Iran.

Prime Minister, this plea is simple and demands little but your awareness and that of Canadian citizens.


The Martyrs




Whispers of change, enlightened those who dared believe,

their haven, their birth land, their freedom can be retrieved,

they were warned the rise of a fist would have their lives relieved,

and yet they cried, they bled, they fought, and they grieved.


“Do not be afraid, do not be afraid!” in unison they preached,

their voices, the sole weapon they had in reach,

with the rhythm of their hearts, they recited their speech,

a fire began, igniting the blaze of hope in each.


Silenced, they were not,

fearful, they were not,

all those emotions with weakness, they rot,

but even the loudest of screams were captured by the oppressors’ knot,

and like raindrops, pitter patter, dead they were shot.


Fists held high, eyes closed tight,

fight with your voice, make known your rights,

together in peace we will reunite,

may our sacrifice at last bring freedom into sight.


Only echoes of truth, there remains,

their efforts, their dignity forced down the drains,

their demands for freedom, it too in vain,

now pleading for mercy, through gritted teeth they cry in pain


But, you choose to look the other way,

while, on corrupted grounds the martyrs lay,

you speak of action and yet here you stay,

Prime Minister, humanity is threatened,

no more time to delay.