Creative Writing Edition: Poetry

To Bee Or Not To Bee

Beeanca Pama


buzzing silence almost deafens

before a roar of warriors erupts

a swarm lift in the cooling air

tensely calm as it sweetly sways


flashes of yellow dart about

when strupy backs take flight

a lively hum permeates stull

steadier yet than a drumbeat


among the fresh blossoms

these workers spread out

taking their fills of ecstasy

sipping spilling heady serum


specks cling to lightly hide

in thickened underbellies

promise of a newborn life

waiting for earth’s ready floors


Night Sailor

Rodaina Ibrahim


Staring out my window

I watched the ships sail by

And even then I know

He never said goodbye


He left one summer morning

To sail the seven seas

Without a single warning

He left with the borning breeze


From nighttime, to daylight

I cry, weep, and mourn

Till my father comes at night

And I hear the ringing horn


plywood ii

aspen wallace


a nail

is driven

through my foot.

deep breath, look

there’s the sunrise now,

this cold will be lifted

if only the pounding would stop

for just a second.

a bird

flies to a branch nearby,

i can see it past the top of the barn


it sing and others answer.

meekly, my mouth a dewy spider web,

i whisper,

but the words never leave my lips.

the blood

is soaking

through my socks.

they’re yellow, with little blue flowers

and a bit of lace at my ankle.

the lace itches.

i specifically asked for anything but lace.

i stepped

on a board

that fell from the second floor

of this old barn;

it’s not even my old barn,

i can’t remember why i came here in the first place,

if i move my foot, i might bleed out

or step in something worse

or fall

and never get up again.

but it burns so much

it feels like my whole leg is on fire

and i can’t see another house


there road is so far

there is nobody to find me.

the bird sings,

and i listen.


On Fleek

Carolyn Wang


There was a boy whose eyebrows grew

Where twas once face, twas brow in lieu.

They were show-stopping,

Large as a bat wing. In the wind, he and his brows flew.



Daily Dilemma

Carolyn Wang


Sitting on my bus

There’s my neighbour, whom I don’t know…

Do I say hi?



To A (Rich) Father’s Credit Card

Carolyn Wang


My love, you treat me like a true princess.

Although sometimes we argue, in the end

We always manage to clean up our mess.

You are so much more than a fun, rich friend,

You are the best emotional outlet

that any girl in the world could ask for.

You’re the Romeo to my Juliet;

there is nothing I could ever love more.

Your perfectly straight edges, oh so fine!

Those crisp printed numbers shine every day.

I use you recklessly, though you aren’t mine…

Sorry credit card, my main way to pay.

A lifetime with you would be my pleasure,

A lifetime with you – my love, my treasure.



Michelle Wang


Scrambled feelings, scrambled

words I regret not saying

Swarm my thoughts, in my head,



They soon form friction, but never

develop into a truth

Where we speak smooth diction

and act like reckless youth


Dear Diary

Michelle Wang


I guess it is here where I express my great woe,

even though my loathsome thoughts have cleared.

I can no longer put it off to tomorrow,

even though I have already cheered.


But in truth, all this time I’ve failed to fully heal.

I think if I leave all this hurt on this page,

maybe then, I will no longer have to feel

all the pain soon to be locked in this paper cage.



24 Hours

Rodaina Ibrahim



Sleepless, Dark

Fighting, Stressing, Working

Sleep, Restless, Dawn, Bright

Pretending, Smiling, Faking

Tired, Light